Hamlib  1.2.15
Hamlib -- History of visible changes.

Copyright (C) 2000-2003  Frank Singleton
Copyright (C) 2000-2012  Stephane Fillod, and others

Please send Hamlib bug reports to hamlib-developer@lists.sourceforge.net

Version 1.2.15
	* New models: TT-599 Eagle, IC-RX7, IC-1275, HiQSDR, ADAT ADT-200A,
		DttSP UDP, TM-D710
	* New rotator backends: Celestron (telescope mount)
	* Fixes and features: K3, various other rigs
	* Update LGPL/GPL header boilerplate
	* Quell various compiler errors
	* Add CM108 PTT capability

Version 1.2.14
	* New models: SigFox Transfox, TH-D72A, IC-7410, IC-9100, IC-R9500, KX3,
		V4L2 API support (untested),
	* New rotator backends: IF-100, TS-7400
	* Fixes and features: K3/KX3, Build Win32 from script, rigctld/rotctld
		ported to Mingw32, Win32 build fixes, remove obsolete bundled
		libtool files, rigctl improvements, FUNcube string test (works
		with V0.0 and V1.0), Yaesu newcat.c fixed to use
		rig->state.current_vfo to store vfo value, add a command to
		halt rigctld, select PTT source in Kenwood backends (TS-590S),
		make sure scan is stopped at IC-9000 opening, thd72 get channel
		data (alpha).  See ChangeLog for a link to the online log.
		Correct typos and SF.net URIs.

	* 2011-05-29
	* Conversion to Git SCM and updated README documentation for Git SCM
	* Mingw32 build fixes
	* FUNcube dongle USB fixes for Win32
	* Added kit/README.funcubedongle
	* Bug fix--K3 antenna selection function

Version 1.2.13
	* New models: VX-1700, FUNcube Dongle, FiFi-SDR, KTH-SDR Si570,
		FT-DX5000, TS-590S, TH-F6A, PRM8060, SR-2200
	* Rotor fixes and features: SPID
	* New Rotor backend: F1TE Tracker
	* Fixes and features: TS-440S, K2, K3, THF6A, THF7E, NewCAT
		rigs serial port defaults, TM-D700, FT-950, Si570 AVR-USB
	* Removed libtool tree from source tree
	* Removed old DocBook files
	* Allow USB device's VID/PID/Vendor/Product to be explicitly specified
	* Doxygen documentation updates and new style sheet

Version 1.2.12
	* New models: PCR-2500, RX331, TRP 8255 S R
	* New rotator backends: DF9GR's ERC
	* Fixes and features: Paragon, TS-690S, FT-920, FT-990, FT-2000,
        Elektor SDR-USB, IC-7000, IC-7700, AR-8200, AR-8600

Version 1.2.11
	* New models: RA-3702, IC-738, IC-7600, IC-7700, AR 7030+,
        FT-980, TT-536 Delta-II, R&S EB200
	* New rotator backends: GS-232B, GS-232 (not A or B), ARS RCI, M2 RC2800
	* Fixes and features: TH-F7E, FT-847, FT-736, FT-920, FT767GX, FT-747,
        FT-950, FT-450, Yaesu NewCAT, PCR*, IC-706MkIIG, IC-7800, R-8A, Paragon
	* rigctld/rotctld
	* ltdl security update
	* IPv6 ready
	* bindings not built by default

Version 1.2.10
	* New models: IC-7200, PCR-1500, RX-340, R&S ESMC, BC898T,
		Si570 AVR-USB, Paragon (skeleton)
	* New rotator backend: SPID
	* Fixes and features: TH-F7E, K2, FT-920, Yaesu NewCAT, IC-7000, IC-7800,
		IC-910, IC-718, IC-756PROIII, Tentec Orion, Jupiter, RX320, AOR-8000,
		PCR-1000, Video4Linux, all the kenwood backends, GS-232A
	* ABI version in backend symbols
	* expose PTT/DCD setup through rig_set_conf()
	* Parallel port PTT now following cwdaemon (STROBE+INIT) interface
	* bindings
	* ltdl update

Version 1.2.9
	* New models: FT2000, FT9000, TT-588 Omni VII, FT-840, NRD525, Winradio G305, TRC-80
	* New rotator backend: Heathkit HD 1780 Intellirotor
	* Fixes and features: IC-706*, IC-910, K2, K3, DWT, PCR-100, PCR-1000, RX-320,
		FT-450, FT-747, FT-817, FT-847, FT-857, FT-990, FT-1000D, Orion, netrot,
		Rotor-EZ, dummy rig and dummy rotator
	* Bug fix in qrb()
	* Better assisted split operation
	* ext_level/ext_parm examples
	* Documentation update

Version 1.2.8
	* New models: BC235, BC250, BC780, PRO-2052,
		BCD396T, BCD996T, K3, FT950
	* New pseudo models: netrigctl/netrotctl, backends ala rpcrig/rpcrot,
		but based on rigctld/rotctld
	* New rotator backend: GS232A, PcRotor
	* Removed microtune backend
	* Fixes: DttSP, IC-275, IC-475, IC-725, IC-735, IC-756PRO, IC-761,
		IC-775, IC-781, IC-706*, Kenwood TH/TM models, Orion,
		BC245, BC895, FT-100, FT757GX, FT-857, FT-897, FT-920
	* Numerous bindings fixes, esp. for memory channel works
	* New commands available in rigctl
	* New rotctld to go with rigctld rig daemon.
		The protocol changed, but there's the compatibility
		option -e to pass to the daemon for previous protocol.

	* New model: miniVNA
	* Fixes: FT1000MP, Tentec Orion, Omni VI Plus
	* AOR: implemented scanning
	* Kenwood models TS2000, TS870S can now get/set antenna.
          	TS2000 gained strength meter calibration.

Version 1.2.7
	* Improved Documentation
	* New models: IC-820H, DttSP, Elektor SDR-USB, DDS-60,
		      FT-450, FT-767GX
	* Fixes: IC-746, IC-765, IC-910, Kenwood, FT1000MP, FT817, ..
	* New rigsmtr toy to graph polar signal strength
	* New experimental rigctld rig daemon, with simple protocol

	* Fixes: TS570 (Split, RIT/XIT), IC910H
	* Improved Tentec Orion,RX-320 functionality
	* Improved Winradio G-313
	* Better man pages

	* Icom protocol fixes
	* bindings build fixing

Version 1.2.6
	* Bump version to 1.2.6
	* no changes from 1.2.6rc1

Version 1.2.6rc1
	* Python 2.4 compatibility
	* Improved TS570 functionality
	* Improved Argonaut V functionality
	* New models: IC7000, G313i/G313e
	* Many Icom, Kenwood, and Tentec fixes.
	* Build system fixes

Version 1.2.5
	* frontend API: support for clonable rigs
		- rigmem: CSV format change
		- rigctl: new send_cmd for protocol debugging purpose
		- easy USB devices support
	* new models: AR8600, AR2700, DWT (DLL based under Windows,
					   need test under other OS)
	* fixes: big AOR update, AR7030, Orion, NRD-545, RX-320,
		 FT-817, FT-990, TS-2000, Easycomm
	* port: BSD fix of parallel port support

Version 1.2.4
	* frontend API: port_t renamed as hamlib_port_t
	* new models: TS-480, VR5000, FT1000MkV Fld
	* fixes: TS-570S, AR7030, AR3000A, Orion, FT-897, IC746
	* port: fixed 64bit int handling which potentially fixes backends
		added xBSD parallel port support

Version 1.2.3
	* frontend API: LEVEL_SQLSTAT marked as deprecated
	* new backends: Racal, V4L radio cards, Watkins-Johnson 8888
	* new models:  IC-78, IC-7800, IC-R20, IC-756PROIII
	* fixes: AOR 5k&8k: added S-Meter, 7030: fixed freq,
		IC-R8500: calibrated S-Meter, Jupiter and many others..
	* port: mingw32 support with gcc 3.4 version

Version 1.2.2
	* new models: Ten-Tec (Orion), AOR 3030, Yaesu FRG's, Skanti
	* fixes: JRC NRD435 & NRD535, Drake, AOR3000, and many other
	* port: Fixes for BRK/RTS/DTR handling under win32 (-> Elektor304)
	* bindings: updated Visual Basic wrapper file
	* rigswr: new command to measure VSWR vs frequency

Version 1.2.1
	* API change: added RIG_AGC_MEDIUM enum
	* new backends: kit (Elektor304)
	* new models: Winradio (G303 under Win32), Kenwood (TMD700,R5000,..),
		Yaesu(FT757GX,FRG8800), Ten-Tec (Jupiter,RX340,RX350)
	* fixes: JRC NRD435 & NRD535, and many other
	* port: made rig.h more Visual C++ friendly, along an import lib

Version 1.2.0
	* API change:
		- freq_t type changed from long long to double
		- setting_t changed from long long to long int.
		- locator and dec/dms interface rework
		- bump library CURRENT version info
	* new backends: Lowe (HF-235), FlexRadio (SDR-1000),
			skelton TAPR (DSP-10), skelton RFT,
			Ten-Tec models and many new models & fixes
	* new rotator backends: sartek
	* frontend: emulated transceive mode using polling
	* icom: implemented retry, esp. useful for CI-V
	* icom: pipelined tuning on Optoscan's
	* microtune: no need of root priviledges anymore
	* bindings: added Python, new install method (perl is installed in $prefix)
	* rigmem: new command to load/store memory content from/to XML file
	* port: NetBSD & FreeBSD, mingw32(Windows) port, MacOSX ready

Version 1.1.4
	* new backends: Drake (R8B), GNU Radio (experimental), microtune,
	  and many new rig models
	* new rotator backends: fodtrack, rotorez
	* better doxygenized documentation
	* reworked perl and tcl bindings using swig
	* vfo_t rework
	* gcc-3.x compilance

Version 1.1.3
	* new backend: JRC (NRD-545), and many new rig models
	* rotator frontend, new easycomm backend
	* added Kylix and perl bindings and completed tcl/tk support
	* networked (RPC) rig and rotator

Version 1.1.2
	* License converted to LGPL
	* new backends: Alinco (DX-77), Uniden (BC895),
					Ten-Tec (RX320), Kachina (505DSP)
	* New port_t design, coming with easy rig auto-probe
	* mv_ctl replaced by vfo_op, set_vfo/get_vfo extended to RIG_VFO_MEM
	* set_conf/get_conf for opaque variable parameters setting
	* Better portability, esp. with libtool (DLL dlopen'ing works under Win32 !)
	* added C++ and tcl/tk bindings (not complete yet)
	* converted from hamlib-doc to doxygen in-source interface documenting

Version 1.1.1
	* new backends: Kenwood (TS870S), WiNRADiO, PCR-1000, Dummy (for tests)
	* Hamlib frontend will take care of backends that can't target VFO.
	* Extended API: caps, levels, parms, etc.
	* rig_set_mode/rig_get_mode changed again, now use filter caps
	* more fields shadowed in rig->state, etc.
	* rigctl now works also non-interactively
	* get_channel/set_channel can be emulated and new dumpmem utility
	* will not compile on pure ANSI C compiler, because of gcc struct extension

Version 1.1.0
	* First draft of a generic API, abstracting radios differences
	  behind a set of capabilities.
	* Hamlib is (somewhat) conform to GNU coding standards, and so it uses
	  configure script generated by Automake and Autoconf
	* Included hamlib-doc system to generate man pages, API
	  references in html format.
	* 2 new backends: Icom (CI-V) with IC706 series, and AOR (AR8200)

Version 1.0.0
	Initial release.

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