Hamlib  1.2.15
This file is licensed to you under the license specified in the included file
`COPYING'. Look there for further details.

Authors of the Hamlib API, original code:

 Frank Singleton and Stephane Fillod

(if any is missing, please email the current maintainer).
For any reason, if you prefer not to appear in this list, please let me know.

M: Current maintainer
C: Contributors
W: Web-page with status/info
S: Status, one of the following:

        Supported:      Someone is actually bothered to look after this.
        Maintained:     Someone actually looks after it.
        Odd Fixes:      It has a maintainer but they don't have time to do
                        much other than throw the odd patch in. See below..
        Orphan:         No current maintainer [but maybe you could take the
                        role as you write your new code].
        Obsolete:       Old code. Something tagged obsolete generally means
                        it has been replaced by a better system and you
                        should be using that.


[adat: ADT-200A]
M: Frank Goenninger DG1SBG

[alinco: DX77-T]
M: Ben Coleman NJ8J

C: testing by John Ronan

[aor: AR-7030]
M: Friedrich Melchert DC9RP

[aor: AR-7030 Plus]
M: Larry Gadallah VE6VQ

[aor: AR-3030]
M: Tristan Mills

[aor: AR-8200]
M: Rob Walker

M: Mark J. Fine

[icom: ic7000]
M: Kent Hill, AD7AI

[icom: ic7200]
M: James Watson, HZ1JW

[icom: ic718]
M: Chuck Gilkes, WD0FCL/4

[icom: icr7000]
M: Chuck Hemker, N2POR

[icom: ic735]
C: Darren Hatcher, G0WCW

[icom: ic751]
C: Lars E. Pettersson, SM6RPZ

[icom: icr75]
M: Mark J. Fine

[icom: OptoScan]
M: Michael Smith, KE4RJQ

M: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE

M: Mark J. Fine
C: Manual and testing by Bob Parnass, AJ9S

M: Joop Stakenborg, PG4I
C: Alessandro Zummo, IZ1PRB

[kenwood: K2]
M: Nate Bargmann, N0NB
M: Brian Mury, VE7NGR
C: Leigh Klotz, WA5ZNU

[kenwood: K3]
M: Nate Bargmann, N0NB
C: Alexander Sack

[kenwood: TS-480SAT]
M: Juergen Rinas, DC3BW

[kenwood: TS-570]
M: Rob Frohne, KL7NA
C: Thomas Beierlein, DL1JBE

[kenwood: R-5000]
M: Mark J. Fine

[kenwood: tmd700]
M: Charles Suprin, AA1VS

[kenwood: thg71,tmv7,tmd700]
C: Thierry Leconte, F4DWV

[kenwood: thg71,tmv7]
M: Andrew McNamara

[kenwood: thd7]
M: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE

[kenwood: ts-850]
C: Rob Frohne, KL7NA

[kit: Si570 AVR-USB]
C: Fabrice, F4AVI

[kit: Elektor SDR]
C: John Nogatch, AC6SL

[pcr: pcr100,pcr1000]
M: Alessandro Zummo, IZ1PRB
C: Darren Hatcher, G0WCW

C: testing by James Chance, N3TKD

[tentec: tt516]
M: James Nykiel

[tentec: tt538]
M: Mike Markowski AB3AP

[tentec: tt550]
M: Ken Koster, N7IPB

[tentec: tt565]
M: Martin Ewing AA6E

[tentec: Argonaut V]
C: Dave Freese, W1HKJ

[tentec: tt585]
C: Bert, KG4BEC

[tentec: rx331]
M: Berndt Josef Wulf, VK5ABN

[uniden: 245xlt]
M: Eric Cottrell WB1HBU

C: Pascal Brisset

[yeasu: ft1000d]
M: Serge Pashenkov

[yeasu: ft100]
M: Alex V Flinsch, KC2IVL

[yaesu: ft736]
C: Ron Patterson, W6FM

[yaesu: ft747]
C: Chris Bryant, G3WIE
C: Frank Singleton, VK3FCS

[yaesu: ft767gx]
M: Steve Conklin, AI4QR

[yaesu: ft817]
M: Chris Karpinsky, AA1VL

[yaesu: ft847]
M: Jim Jerzycke, KQ6EA
C: Frank Singleton, VK3FCS

[yaesu: ft920, ft890, ft900]
M: Nate Bargmann, N0NB

[yaesu: ft980]
M: Wolfgang Buesser, DK1BW

[yaesu: ft990]
M: Berndt Josef Wulf, VK5ABN

[yaesu: ft950,newcat]
M: Terry Embry, KJ4EED

[yaesu: VR-5000]
M: Jacob Heder

M: Andrew Errington, ZL3AME

M: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE
C: Eric/N3KQX

M: Luc Langehegermann, LX2GT
C: Francois Retief

M: Luc Langehegermann, LX2GT

M: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE
C: Patrick Strasser, OE6PSE

[heathkit:HD 1780 Intellirotor]
M: Rob Frohne, KL7NA

M: Nate Bargmann, N0NB

M: Norvald H. Ryeng, LA6YKA

M: Magne Mæhre, LA1BFA
C: Ron Patterson, W6FM

M: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE
C: Chris Bryant, G3WIE

M: Øystein Hårberg, LA7LKA

M: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE

M: Dave Hines, M1CXW
C: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE
C: Nate Bargmann, N0NB

[test utilities]
M: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE
C: Nate Bargmann, N0NB
C: Nirgal Vourgère

[platform: FreeBSD]
M: Diane Bruce, VA3DB

[platform: NetBSD]
M: Berndt Josef Wulf, VK5ABN

[platform: win32]
M: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE
C: VB & testing by Darren Hatcher, G0WCW
C: VB.NET wrapper by Michael Benz

[packaging: debian]
M: Kamal Mostafa, KA6MAL
M: Jaime Robles, EA4TV
C: Joop Stakenborg, PG4I

[packaging: RPM]
M: Alexandru Csete, OZ9AEC
M: Joop Stakenborg, PG4I

[Web site: http://www.hamlib.org]
M: Joop Stakenborg, PG4I
M: Stephane Fillod, F8CFE
M: Nate Bargmann, N0NB

E-mail addresses:

Frank Singleton, VK3FCS, <vk3fcs (at) ix.netcom.com>
Stephane Fillod, F8CFE, <fillods (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Pascal Brisset <pab (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Nate Bargmann, N0NB, <n0nb (at) arrl.net>
Chris Karpinsky, AA1VL, <aa1vl (at) arrl.net>
Joop Stakenborg, PG4I, <pg4i (at) amsat.org>
Bob Parnass, AJ9S, <parnass (at) megsinet.net>
Francois Retief, <fgretief (at) sun.ac.za>
James Chance, N3TKD, <n3tkd (at) n3tkd.net>
Chuck Hemker, N2POR, <n2por (at) amsat.org>
Alex V Flinsch, KC2IVL, <avflinsch (at) verizon.net>
Chuck Gilkes, WD0FCL/4, <chuck (at) webbasset.com>
Dale E. Edmons, KD7ENI, <dedmons (at) comcast.net>
Michael Smith, KE4RJQ <james.m.smith (at) earthlink.net>
Berndt Josef Wulf, VK5ABN <wulf (at) ping.net.au>
Mark J. Fine <mark.fine (at) fineware-swl.com>
Jim Jerzycke, KQ6EA <kq6ea (at) amsat.org>
Alexandru Csete OZ9AEC <alexc (at) phys.au.dk>
Diane Bruce, VA3DB <db (at) db.net>
Dave Hines, M1CXW, <hamlib (at) dph.fluff.org>
Darren Hatcher, G0WCW, <g0wcw (at) hatcher.org.uk>
Ben Coleman, NJ8J, <nj8j (at) benshome.net>
Serge Pashenkov <serge (at) gnode.org>
Lars E. Pettersson SM6RPZ <lars (at) homer.se>
Thomas Beierlein, DL1JBE, <y32kn (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Kent Hill, AD7AI, <fuzzballz (at) comcast.net>
Dave Freese, W1HKJ, <w1hkj (at) w1hkj.com>
Rob Frohne, KL7NA, <frohro (at) wwc.edu>
Steve Conklin, AI4QR, <steve (at) conklinhouse.com>
Martin Ewing, AA6E, <aa6e (at) arrl.net>
Terry Embry, KJ4EED, <mrtembry (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Alessandro Zummo, IZ1PRB <alessandro.zummo (at) towertech.it>
Norvald H. Ryeng, LA6YKA <norvald (at) ryeng.name>
Larry Gadallah, VE6VQ <lgadallah (at) gmail.com>
Kamal Mostafa, KA6MAL, <kamal (at) whence.com>
Jaime Robles, EA4TV, <jaime (at) debian.org>
Wolfgang Buesser, DK1BW, <wolfgang.buesser (at) web.de>
Magne Mæhre, LA1BFA, <magne (at) samfundet.no>
Charles Suprin, AA1VS, <hamaa1vs (at) gmail.com>
Robert Steinhäußer, DL1NC, <dl1nc (at) users.sourceforge.net>
James Watson, HZ1JW, <jawatson (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Juergen Rinas, DC3BW, <jrinas  (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Kamal Mostafa, KA6MAL, <kamal (at) whence.com>
Roger, <roger-linux (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Tristan Mills, <t_mills (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Terry Dawson, VK2KTJ, <terry (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Øystein Hårberg, LA7LKA, <oystein.haarberg (at) netrunner.nu>
Alexander Sack <pisymbol (at) gmail.com>
Nirgal Vourgère <contact_hamlib (at) nirgal.com>
Andrew Errington <a.errington (at) lancaster.ac.uk>
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