Hamlib  1.2.15
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
cal_tableCalibration table struct
chan_listMemory channel list definition
channelChannel structure
channel_capChannel capability definition
confparamsConfiguration parameter structure
ext_listExtension attribute definition
filter_listFilter definition
freq_range_listFrequency range
granLevel/parm granularity definition
hamlib_port_tPort definition
rigThe Rig structure
rig_callbacksCallback functions and args for rig event
rig_capsRig data structure
rig_stateRig state containing live data and customized fields
rotThis is the master data structure, acting as a handle for the controlled rotator
rot_capsRotator data structure
rot_stateLive data and customized fields
tuning_step_listTuning step definition
value_tUniversal approach for passing values
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