Hamlib  1.2.15
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
cal.cCalibration routines
cal.h [code]
cm108.cCM108 GPIO
cm108.h [code]
conf.cRig configuration interface
debug.cControl hamlib debugging functions
event.cEvent handling
event.h [code]
ext.cExtension request parameter interface
idx_builtin.h [code]
iofunc.cGeneric file-based IO functions
iofunc.h [code]
locator.cLocator and bearing conversion interface
mem.cMemory and channel interface
misc.cMiscellaneous utility routines
misc.h [code]
network.cNetwork port IO
network.h [code]
par_nt.h [code]
parallel.cParallel Port IO
parallel.h [code]
register.cDynamic registration of backends
register.h [code]
rig.cHam Radio Control Libraries interface
rig.h [code]Hamlib rig data structures
rig_dll.h [code]
rigclass.h [code]
riglist.h [code]Hamlib rig(radio) model definitions
rot_conf.cRotator Configuration Interface
rot_conf.h [code]
rot_reg.cDynamic registration of rotator backends
rotator.cRotator interface
rotator.h [code]Hamlib rotator data structures
rotclass.h [code]
rotlist.h [code]Hamlib rotator model definitions
serial.cSerial port IO
serial.h [code]
settings.cFunc/level/parm interface
token.h [code]Token definitions
tones.cCTCSS and DCS interface and tables
tones.h [code]
usb_port.cUSB IO
usb_port.h [code]
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