Hamlib  1.2.15
hamlib - (C) Frank Singleton 2000


1. Implement more interfaces/backends [ongoing]
2. Write More extensive Test Suites [ongoing]
3. Document API's [ongoing]
4. Document Limitations/Assumptions.
6. Encourage people to build cool GUI's using
   our libs. (any GTK wiz's out here ..)
8. More safe checking during function calls (in rig_* wrappers).
13. ~/.hamlibrc and /etc/hamlibrc preferences file
14. Write the list of all functions that should be in the API
18. rewrite the post_write_delay. Active delay is a waste of cycles! [need test]
23. add support in the API for additional filters, DSP bandpass control
25. Write aclocal .m4 macro helpers for autoconf support [need test]
26. Write rig protocol simulator so no hardware is involved with Hamlib testing
27. complete memory bank support
28. add rig_srch_ctcss, rig_srch_dcs, etc.
29. emulate get_stuff (caching) if backend has no support for it
30. Write perl/python/etc. modules [ongoing]


5. Build top level Makefile for maintenance

7. Move common routines to a common area
   and avoid duplication.

9. If read from rig takes > "n" seconds, then no longer
   block on read, just return error.

10. Improve Makefiles (autoconf?)

12. Add general rig capabilities handling. see rig.h

15. Handle retransmissions (no more than n) if timeout (->backends)
16. Write .spec (rpm) and .deb (debian) package files

17a. Add support for a configurable debug level (none, function calls,
	packet traces)

17b. In serial.c (and non serial too), use buffered IO instead of read/write,
	for better performance. Use flushing with fwrite.

18. Get Git updates mailed to our hamlib-cvs-digest list
19. specify how to access Reverse modes (CWR, RTTYR). through set_mode?
22. handle nicely different versions of same rig coming for
	ITU region1/region2 ham band (-> freq ranges in capabilities)

11. Add some scanning routines [ 1.1.2? ]

20. adapt API include files to support C++ (__BEGIN_DECLS/__END_DECLS, etc.)
21. grab cygwin and test portability under Win32 (what about MacOS?)
24. Should Hamlib (the library itself) be LGPL'ed ?
31. Add some antenna tuner support
33. Merge dumpmem/dumpcaps into rigctl
32. Document C++/tcltk bindings, complete Hamlib API documentation using doxygen
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